Here are Some Fun Tips to Enhance Learning

Read, Read, Read

At AZAST, our students spend a good portion of their day working on English Language Arts.  From reading to spelling & grammar to phonics the more reading the better.  As a family, read each night together to supplement all that hard classroom work!

Closed Captions on the TV

It's often overlooked, but using the CC, or closed caption option, on your television can help students with reading, spelling, & grammar.  

Monitor Homework

Homework is best described as "practice." Too much or the wrong type can actually have a damaging impact on both students and parents/guardians.  Help teachers by monitoring homework and communicating with teachers.  

Focus on Wellness

The demands on both students & parents/guardians are high in the 21st Century world.  Relieve stress with a family walk in the evening, eat brain healthy foods like green tea or blueberries, & make sure your student gets lots of sleep to aid brain development

Plan Fun Learning Experiences Outside of School

A family trip to the zoo, a weekend trip to an observatory, or even staying home, cooking up some popcorn, and watching a good documentary can help students reinforce classroom learning & build that internal desire to grow!  

Teamwork & Involvement

Parent/Guardian involvement is one of the key determinants of student success!  We encourage your involvement, we want your participation, & we need you as a partner and stakeholder in your student's achievement.