Our Philosophy


Our secure, gated, downtown, campus is not only our home, but a key component of our overall commitment to delivering a safe environment for all of our learners.

For students to truly excel, they must feel physically, emotionally, and mentally safe.  We champion diversity, caring, kindness, and respect to all. 

We aren't just teachers, administrators, and front line school staff.  We are a TEAM and we demand, of each other, professionalism. We model our values and create a school culture where everyone feels safe and ready to learn.

Everyone Learns

The brain is the center of the learning universe!

We focus on brain-based teaching and partnerships with some of the leading educational companies on the planet.

Brain-based learning simply means, within a best-practices based learning environment, we take the latest research and industry knowledge, about how the brain works, and apply those principles to classroom facilitation. Brain-based teaching means there's a strategic reason behind everything we do and the result is everyone learns.

Our partnerships with BlocksCAD and SchoolHack provide our students with the tools and technology they need to achieve in a rapidly changing learning world. From coding to 3D printers, our students will experience the future as it unfolds. With personalized learning plans, each and every student will have a way to explore their own unique strengths while uncovering areas they can and will improve.

Science & Technology

Science and Technology truly are the future, but they're more than just words in our name.

We believe in holistic education that encompasses reading, writing, creativity, entrepreneurship, wellness, music, and movement.

We see science and technology as more than just classes, but the tools we can use and apply to everything we do!